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QUMUNDO is a API-first digital platform providing independent market research, a collaborative investment decision network and digital technology solutions. Our solutions and services include screening, research and distribution of market intelligence via flexible APIs and hosted platforms, as well as Know-Your-Customer (KYC) / Know-Your-Investment (KYI), LEI-compliance, reporting and content management solutions.

Solutions & Services

QUMUNDO is module based and comprises a wide range of solutions and services. Among others we offer:

Data Services

API-first market research, collection and distribution of financial, economic and alternative data sets via powerful and flexible APIs with sandbox access, partner program and starter packages.

Data APIs


Development, hosting and provision of API-platforms and API-first solutions. Benefit from out ready-to-use modules like registration, login, digital rights management, invoicing and open API-infrastructure.

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NEODATAX is a API-first data marketplace. It automates the process to discover, evaluate and distribute data. Get instant coverage checks, faster access to potential data and automate your market research.



REQPORTER is a digital API-first regulatory monitoring and reporting solution. It provides you the digital infrastructure to collect, validate and report the required information from and to your desired endpoints.



LEIMONITOR is a digital platform monitoring legal entity and security portfolios supporting financial market participants to stay LEI-compliant. Know your customer and investment opportunities with LEIMONITOR.



Powerful and customizable content management platforms with ready-to-use features, functions and content elements based TYPO3, one of the safest, most powerful and sustainable CMS on the market.



Qumundo offers end-to-end digital solutions to give you a competitive edge in a digital world. We deliver innovative websites, mobile apps and cross-industry specific solutions customized to your needs.

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We are entrepreneurs, technology and industry specialists and have a passion for digital transformation and software. We love to consult, support and help you to move forward and make the right desicions.

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While some modules and functions are free to use, for others a registered user need to have an appropriate license. Register for free to learn more about it.

Use Cases

The Difference

Data delivery in various types and formats with scalable plans and transparent pricing. Offer use cases specific APIs and custom research with screening and extraction of defined content. We develop API-platforms and content management system for you to access, use and visualize the intelligence provided.

Data Types

Various data types like master data, reference data, end-of-day, intraday and historical data sets.

Delivery Options

Multple delivery options from json, csv and xml via powerful and flexible RESTful APIs.

Scalable Usage

Sandbox access, starter packages and scalable plans with flexible and transparent pricing.

Use Case APIs

Provision of use case specific APIs that reflect business logic and improves process efficiency.

Custom Research

Custom screening, extraction and provision of data and content aligned to your business needs.

Platforms & CMS

Development, hosting and provision of modern API and content management solutions.

APIs & Platforms

Development and provision of API-platforms, as well as API-first market research and distribution of financial, economic and alternative data sets via powerful and flexible APIs with sandbox access, partner program and starter packages. QUMUNDO API is a marketplace for data APIs, inviting partner companies commercializing their inhouse data.

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Getting started is easy and for free. While some data sets and APIs are free to use, for others a registered user needs to have an appropriate license. Register for free and get started:

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Ready to unleash and monetize the full potential of your data? We provide you the digital infrastructure, network and expertise to promote, match and deliver your data into the market and to your target audience.

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